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Cleveland Meeting at Richmond Heights Library

October 9, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:45 pm


Religion, pseudoscience, superstition and political ideologies account for the vast majority of irrational ideas and unsubstantiated claims in our world. Religion tends to garner the most “accommodation” of the four mentioned categories – even a large segment of the humanist/freethinker sphere tends to grant certain religious ideas a “protective cocoon” due to the supposedly “deeply held” nature of religious belief. But in our modern world, many people tend to adhere to their preferred (and often irrational) political ideologies with a zeal that mirrors religious belief.

How far do we go, as skeptics, to accommodate irrational ideas put forth by others? Is it better to sometimes avoid criticizing such ideas – and if so, when and (more importantly) why? Do we grant the same “accommodationism” to political or pseudoscientific/superstitious ideas as we would for religious ideas?

Join us on Wednesday, October 9 at 7pm at Richmond Heights Library (5235 Wilson Mills Rd) for the open floor discussion “Irrational Ideas: To Accommodate, or Not?”. We’ll be examining the above questions and a whole lot more. As we have all dealt with this sort of thing in one way or another, personal accounts on dealing with irrationality will be very welcome at this event.

As usual, light refreshments will be served!