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CFI Communities are groups of rationalists, skeptics, and humanists which sponsor local events, activism, lectures and educational programs. The Communities draw upon volunteers and Center for Inquiry Friends and supporters who are enthusiastic about our agenda and wish to take part in our movement.

Give back to your community and donate needed canned food for humans, dogs, and cats, which can help people in need, and many homeless pets this holiday season. Your donations will help three local charities: The Akron-Canton Food Bank, Stark County Dog Pound, and Stark County Humane Society. Donations will be collected at meetings and socials through the end of December, and delivered in January. Let’s make this a brighter holiday season for people and pets.

For more info on items needed:
Akron-Canton Food Bank: or 330-535-6900,
Stark Co. Dog Pound: or 330-451-2343, &
Stark Co. Humane Society: . or 330-453-5529.

The CFINO Book Club will meet on the last Sunday of each month at Mocha Joe’s, 3707 Darrow Rd, Stow, OH.  The group explores books read by various members. Knitting has been known to happen.

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