Centery for Inquiry – Northeast Ohio present Shelley Segal



You saw her at the Reason Rally as she performed in front of ~20,000 atheists in the rain. Now, see her in Ohio!

Shelley Segal will be singing her tunes at the Sweet Pea Cafe in Fairlawn on Saturday, May 11, making a brief stop on her current tour of the US.

“The Melbourne based singer-songwriter became involved in secular activism over two years ago, despite her father being the president of a local synagogue. Her songs are a passionate response to dogmatic belief, inequality, religious oppression and the idea that only the devout can be grateful and good. She enjoys bringing this usually controversial topic to the public discourse and finds music to be a effective medium for expression and raising awareness. ‘I can say what I think for three minutes without anybody interrupting me.” (Melbourne Times City Weekly)”

The Sweet Pea Cafe doesn’t have a ‘regular crowd.’ Shelley will be counting on us to fill the place!

*Sweet Pea Cafe offers a tantalizing array of fresh
breakfast and lunch menu items.
*Come join us any day of the week for a satisfying meal
and welcoming atmosphere!

We offer entertainment on Friday and Saturday
evenings and a modified dinner menu.





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